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Bellini Riddle & Co was founded by Enrique Bellini. Enrique founded the company after orchestrating the scale and subsequent sale of his family’s business, All American Paint and Body. All American Paint and Body was a San Diego based collision repair facility with an excellent reputation. Bellini grew up in the family business and took over the helm of the company, along with his mom, Tina, when his father passed away in 2015.

“I remember when we made the decision in early 2020 to sell the family business. We knew that the time was right as there was a great surge in consolidation occurring within the automotive services sector with new and exciting businesses. We were well positioned in our market and comfortable as we had the exclusive Tesla OEM Certification as there were only 3 other body shops that were also structurally certified in the county. We were able to considerably grow the business organically as a result. Despite the pandemic, we were able to maintain our value and close with a consolidator that fit our ethical profile to carry the legacy forward.”

“I decided to start this new venture because of my experiences in interviewing business advisors/brokers. To say the least, I was left unconvinced that anyone would provide or uncover any significant value that we could not do on our own. Most all, I felt that no one was listening to us. This is not to say that I met some talented industry experts who serve their clients well. Our store was positioned as such that for a transaction to make sense we needed to find a buyer who could repair the cars that we fix. We knew who to reach out to as a buyer and I was confident in my ability. My counsel and I conducted the sale on our own behalf from beginning to end. Even though it was a lot of work, it was a great adventure that I really enjoyed! Now, the rest is history.”

Enrique also holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, where he graduated from in 2019.

Along with scaling the family business he had his own startup, MOBI Automotive, that he launched in 2018.

MOBI was an on demand, full service automotive repair platform. We offered mobile mechanics via our website or mobile application. The company focused on simple diagnostic and repairs on site and more involved work was to be repaired at company stores.

Enrique paused the company’s operations at the end of 2019 to focus on the sale of All American. Little did he know that within 3 months’ time that the world would be in a global lockdown due to the pandemic. He had luckily made the right decision as he was going to scale organically and had avoided many operational problems during this unprecedented time.

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My Story in the Sale of my Company

Summary Of The Challenges That We Faced, a Personal Anecdote

I had significant challenges in selling my business, from strategy to timing… you name it. To summarize, we had made the decision to sell right before the pandemic and had been actively interviewing brokers to help us with the transaction before the first “lock down”.  Now, and to be fair to some of the very nice people that I spoke to, they had vast experience in selling companies.  Most of them dealt with larger, multi store deals and did not fully grasp what it was that we were doing in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA.

The risk was too great to market the business publicly, for a multitude of reasons given the current economic climate and great uncertainty that came along with the pandemic.  There were new developments in our sector with disruptive consolidators migrating out west to California.

I had already had the right buyer in mind from the beginning.  We were so specialized in our market, especially in regard to the Tesla certification (and all other manufactures that use aluminum in their cars) that for us to maintain a reasonable valuation we would have to find a new consolidator that was in high end… not your “Run of the mill” insurance type work that is keenly focused on KPIS that are invariable to other cost cutting measures.

How Did We Grow?

We focused on specialization and exclusivity.  Sure, we had a great reputation and strong, loyal insurance accounts…BUT… our margins were gradually compressed over time as labor rates in our sector would rarely increase, thus even inflation alone was hurting our business.  

We maintained the same top line revenue year over year, but we were experiencing diminishing margins quarter after quarter…Growth in these categories was minimal and gaining new insurance accounts was already difficult in an already crowded marketplace with established relationships. 

Furthermore, most large-scale insurers became even more KPI focused, especially with metrics such as “Alternative Parts”, “Used Parts”, etc.  Now, if we were merely a “high production mill”, without taking quality and superior service into account, these unrealistic expectations could be met across a large scale.  However, when you are a small business with a strong penchant for quality that always strives to improve its customer service experience across all dimensions, these requirements are no longer in alignment with our core principles. 

We needed something different… Something that no one else had.  Even our central market location had painfully stifled our growth opportunities as we were in the middle of all the big dealerships that had their own body shops.  In so many words, Tesla became our boon. 

Our labor rates, even for those highly sought for OEM accounts that are only awarded to those who are of the highest reputation, were also being diminished by all of the carriers. 

Enrique N. Bellini

Enrique N. Bellini

Enrique was born in raised in sunny San Diego California. He was involved in the family business, All American Paint and Body, at an early age. He worked there at multiple capacities over the years and ultimately took over in 2015 when his father passed away. He scaled and subsequently sold this business to Crash Champions in 2021. When the company was acquired, it was one of the largest and most successful single store locations in the entire county.

When he sold the company in 2021, he was influenced by his experiences from acting as his own broker along with his attorney and CPA. It was from there that he decided to form Bellini Riddle and Company to serve small to medium sized businesses across many sectors. With his deep experience in the automotive aftermarket and as an entrepreneur and an operator, he wishes to impart his knowledge to best serve his clients from a wholistic perspective.

Enrique holds a B.B.A., Magna Cum Laude, from the University of San Diego and an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing bass and a newfound adoration for the game of golf!

Joy Evers

Joy Evers

Chief of Staff

Joy Evers was born and raised in Puerto Rico but moved to the States to pursue a higher education. She has called Tennessee her home for the past 12 years and is active in her community.

Joy brings over 15 years of management, customer service and real estate experience and holds real estate licenses in several states. Joy Evers' passion for community service prompted her to join the real estate industry in an effort to help underserved communities achieve the homeownership dream.

Martin Beaulieu

Martin Beaulieu, PhD

Martin obtained a PhD in Biochemistry in 1998. Following a 3-year post-doctoral research fellowship, Dr. Beaulieu spent the next 15 years employed as a Scientist and excelled to various levels of management in the industry. Martin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and turned dreams into reality when he acquired a brewery called “Quantum Brewing” where he led all aspects of beer production and business management for the next seven years.

As a Scientist and Senior Manager, Dr. Beaulieu developed commercial assays and applications using technologies ranging from MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, to PCR, to immunoassays. He managed several R&D projects that were delivered on time and under budget including: iPLEX®, a multiplex SNP genotyping application, and PrevistageTM, a molecular colon cancer prognostic test. Martin supported the verification and validation of diagnostic tests under design control at Abbott Point of Care. He initiated collaborations with multiple KOLs and implemented strategic processes and collaborations with clinicians. As a Resource Manager in a large matrix R&D organization, he led strategic departmental initiatives including the implementation of prototype evaluation centers, training plans, and novel reagents QC test methods. At Regulus Therapeutics, he led the biomarker R&D division. While there, he initiated collaboration agreements with pharmaceutical partners, generating $3M in revenue including multiple success milestone payments for the discovery of non-invasive patient stratification biomarkers. He was a guest speaker at international scientific conferences and has published 20 peer-reviewed papers and holds several patents.

At Quantum Brewing, Martin created a successful business, doubling revenue within three years following acquisition. The business thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic when Martin deployed creative cost-cutting strategies and won several grants and loan awards from the SBA and other governmental agencies.

Dr. Beaulieu’s diverse experience in the Biotech industry and in small business management makes him a great fit for strategic consulting in a wide realm of business areas. Martin is a trained Creative Problem Solving (CPS) facilitator who through a disciplined process can guide executives to solve logistical and strategic problems.

Dylan Welch

Dylan Welch

Dylan Welch, a Seattle native with 9 years of experience in corporate real estate, specializes in ensuring contractual stability and operational efficiency. Influenced by his extensive background, he joined Bellini Riddle and Company to extend his expertise too small to medium-sized businesses across sectors.

Drawing from his profound experience in corporate real estate and consulting, Dylan is committed to imparting holistic knowledge, providing clients with comprehensive insights for success in the dynamic business landscape. His notable achievements include managing over $50M in real estate transactions while helping over 129 reputable companies in Washington and the West Coast.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Dylan is a versatile individual with a passion for the arts, engaging in painting, diverse music genres, snowboarding, and golf. A cum laude graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Washington State University, his academic foundation significantly contributes to his analytical and strategic skills in the field of business.

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